A Chance for Some Change… – Jon Owen

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What’s left of value in this world?

“Jonny, got a dollar?” Unfortunately my pockets were empty so I offered him a chat instead.

Thus began a wide ranging discussion with a remarkable kid, who recently sent us all into spin when he inexplicably disappeared for a few weeks. I told him how good it was to see him, how much we all missed him, how worried we all were and the community “search party” we sent out after him. He shrugged, laughed his absence off and moved on.

His keen mind skipped around a variety of topics, using language filled with colour, regularly returning to the baffling phrase“deez nutz” for comfort. I’m getting old.

We soon got to talking about what is of real value in life. “I don’t think anyone actually plans to have kids, they just happen and get in your way” his eyes darted to mine then away, in a look that was somewhere between shame and resignation for a few seconds. Then his mouth was off again until another flash of inspiration, “You’re a God person, did God have parents?…or didn’t they want him either?” his voice tapered off as he herd his own words spill out, releasing it was too late to stuff them back in.

It doesn’t take much to guess at what he yearns for. In that moment our hearts connected. I looked him in the eye and reassured him that its always a pleasure to see him, one that I look forward to. In that moment I made a silent promise to myself to say as much every time I see him.

Nothing I did for the rest of the day came as close in importance to what happened in that moment.

Mother Theresa once shared to an astonished crowd in Australia that “the biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted”. I think we can change the world when we grasp the power of a welcoming presence.

Thank you to all in the Huddle, your generosity enables us together to do somethings of the greatest value imaginable.

Till we gather again,

Jon Owen Minister-At-Large

Title: A Chance for Some Change..

Author: Jon Owen
Format: Blog Post
Published: 27th May 2015
Publisher: Urban Hope
Access: http://unoh.org/urban-hope/

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