In Someone Else’s Shoes by Joseph Assaf

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Joseph Assaf has been a long time supporter of the National Student Leadership Forum. As a speaker and small group facilitator with his wife Angela, Joseph has a wonderful way of relating to young people from diverse backgrounds, encouraging them to share their stories and lives and learn from one another as they do so. He is an inspiring individual who radiates warmth, community and love and we are grateful for his friendship.

In Someone Else’s Shoes is a wonderful read in which Joseph shares his own story and addresses many of the challenges of multiculturalism in Australia today. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd commented, “What is nice about this book is that it speaks to the heart of Australia about one man’s experience of arriving on these shores absorbing all we had to offer, and then adding a new richness, a new depth, a new diversity.”

Title: In Someone Else’s Shoes
Author: Joseph Assaf
Format: Book
Year Published: 2007
Access: Available to borrow in hard copy from the NSLF Library. Contact the librarian to arrange collection.

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