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NSLF Spotlight: The Interns
Each year we take a group of young men and women to participate in the NSLF Internship program. This is an 8-month commitment to growing relationally, professionally and spiritually whilst helping to build the Forum event. Jess is one of our 2016 Interns. Here’s her story.

• How did you get involved with the Forum?

I sort of stumbled across the forum through a family friend. At the end of last year I was nominated, and tentatively went along… and I am so glad that I did! It ended up being an awesome few days of growth and connection. I was able to meet so many amazing people and make some life long friends.

• What is your favourite thing about the Forum?

Forum is one of those rare occasions when people from all different walks of life are gathered together under one roof, for a singular purpose – servant leadership. That in itself is my favourite thing about Forum. It is an opportunity to go beyond yourself and see into the lives of others. To share each others stories and to grow from one another, is such a unique opportunity. The inspiration from the speakers and from the atmosphere created is totally one of a kind.

• Why are you doing the internship? What is interesting about it?

The internship is a chance to give back. I found the Forum to be pretty life changing, and so to have the opportunity to help put it together for others this year, is pretty awesome. Personal and professional growth is a massive bonus. I have found the internship to be a lot more relational than I had expected. We all really get to know one another, down to what makes us tick. It is a space where we are forcing one another to grow – which is interesting in itself – not only for me, but for everyone involved.

Thanks Jess!
Originally taken from our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NSLFAustralia/photos/a.243767682310918.59424.147334721954215/1119662838054727/?type=3&theater

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