NSLF Spotlight – Alysha

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Each year we take a group of young men and women to participate in the NSLF Internship program. This is an 8-month commitment to growing relationally, professionally and spiritually whilst helping to build the Forum event.

Alysha is one of our 2016 Interns. Here’s her story.

• How did you get involved with the Forum?

A chance encounter on a wharf formed a friendship that changed my life. After coming to Australia from Texas for a work holiday, I met a girl with a radiant spirit and we became fast friends. She really believed in my potential in leadership and truth seeking. Being involved with the Forum herself, she felt this would be a great experience for me. When the Forum came around last year, she nominated me to attend and I jumped on the chance. It’s truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

• What is your favourite thing about the Forum?

I thoroughly enjoyed the stories shared in small groups. It’s such a profound experience that I can’t quite describe. It’s a rare chance to peek deep into the makings of people from vastly different walks of life. This is the place where conversations are honest, insightful and possibly core shaking all at once. It’s a gift to hold space to hear another’s life experience and in turn have that space held for you. You can’t help but walk out of there feeling compelled to broaden your perspectives.

• Why are you doing the internship? What is interesting about it?

The internship is a structured way to continue the Forum experience- to explore further and hone the values that we are cultivating. As a team, we can encourage and support each other to practically live out the values and qualities of servant leadership. Also, the professional experience is invaluable as you learn what it takes behind the scenes to put an event like this together. I feel honoured that I can contribute a part to putting together this impactful event. I’m constantly inspired by the awesome spectrum of personalities that are now part of my tribe in this journey. The scale of growth that is taking place in us during this internship is my personal favourite “interesting” thing.

Thanks Alysha!

Originally sourced from our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NSLFAustralia/photos/a.243767682310918.59424.147334721954215/1134613686559642/?type=3&theater

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