NSLF Spotlight – Georgia

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NSLF Spotlight: The Interns

Each year we take a group of young men and women to participate in the NSLF Internship program. This is an 8-month commitment to growing relationally, professionally and spiritually whilst helping to build the Forum event.

Georgia is one of our 2016 Interns. Here’s her story.

• How did you get involved with the Forum?

I became involved in the forum through a few of my school friends who insisted year after year that NSLF was a really valuable experience (and it turns out that they were right)!

• What is your favourite thing about the Forum?

My favourite thing about the forum itself… the bush dance. Hands down. The forum is so rich with great conversation, challenging ideas and it certainly doesn’t run short of any opportunity to put yourself out of your comfort zone. So I think it is only right to have a bit of a carefree dance to balance it out.

My favourite thing about the internship is the people I am getting to know and LOVE. The interns, the rest of the team and my fab mentor. I love the challenge of putting together the forum and tackling it with my intern buds. Being part of a team that is co-ordinating an event which we all care about immensely is such a gift.

• Why are you doing the internship? What is interesting about it?

I remember when I filled in my delegate application, I was asked to write about a leader I respected and to explain why. I found myself writing about a close friend of mine which I thought was strange because leaders were people with titles, right? I wrote about my friend, a Mum with three kids, balancing work with the demands of a family. What made her stand out as a leader to me was her integrity, her determination to act with humility and respect. To stand for seemingly simple things in life, like kindness, inclusion and acceptance in the communities she touches everyday.

So in answer to the question, I am doing the internship to learn more about about myself and what it looks like to lead in the communities that I am involved in and hopefully shine some light on the potential each of the delegates holds to lead in their context, whether the pond be big or small.

Thanks Georgia!


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