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NSLF Spotlight: The Interns

Each year we take a group of young men and women to participate in the NSLF Internship program. This is an 8-month commitment to growing relationally, professionally and spiritually whilst helping to build the Forum event.

Matt is one of our 2016 Interns. Here’s his story.

• How did I get involved with the Forum?

The forum is something my parents have been involved with for many years. In 2015 I was nominated to attend and, whilst I was unsure what I going into, I felt as though I was at a point at which I would benefit greatly from going, so I applied.

• What is your favourite thing about the Forum?

My favourite thing about the Forum is the amount of people you meet. From the moment you walk in people are coming up to you eager to learn about who you are and your story. Everyone is so outgoing, friendly and open.

• Why are you doing the internship? What is interesting about it?

I applied to be an intern simply because of my experience at the Forum. I learnt so much about myself and other people over the weekend that the idea of continuing this with a group of people all working together was extremely appealing.
I find the Internship interesting as there is a large amount of time focused on relationships and character building as well as the forum itself. It has given me time to think about who I am, whilst also building deeper relationships with those around me

Thanks Matt!

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