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NSLF Spotlight: The Interns

Each year we take a group of young men and women to participate in the NSLF Internship program. This is an 8-month commitment to growing relationally, professionally and spiritually whilst helping to build the Forum event.

Nina is one of our 2016 Interns. Here’s her story.

• How did you get involved with the Forum?

My Dad is a politician and had been involved in the Forum over a number of years, so I grew up floating in and out of forum activities as a child when we went to visit him in Canberra. It wasn’t really until a little later on though that I became more interested in what the Forum was about and felt the desire to experience it.

• What is your favourite thing about the Forum?

I attended the Forum in 2014 for the first time, and subsequently went to the US forum in Washington, DC. I think it was probably the Forum that begun my journey of coming to understand myself at a deeper level, and stimulated my desire to pursue relationships more intentionally, with the confidence of a purpose to back my decisions. The openness of sharing and discussion, paired with thought-provoking speakers, means that you can’t really not be affected personally by the experience. I loved the way it challenged me to think and live differently, and the strength that can come out of seeking to do that together with the people you meet and form relationships with.

• Why are you doing the internship? What is interesting about it?

The experience of the Forum can’t help but shake you a little. I think the idea of pursuing the purposes of the Forum more intently and deliberately for a year, with a group of new but also intentional and caring people presented a compelling opportunity. In moving to Sydney for the first time, the internship has already provided me with a strong and secure platform from which I can branch out into my new world, make friends, learn about myself in a new environment and seek to realise the potential of myself and others when we devote ourselves to bringing out the best in one another.

Thanks Nina!
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