One Word of Truth – David Aikman

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In 1989, David Aikman, then a journalist with Time magazine, was granted the first major interview Solzhenitsyn had given an American news organization for years. In this essay, Aikman offers an engaging and lively account of the dramatic and sobering events of Solzhenitsyn’s life: from his early years as a Communist, to the beginnings of his literary efforts and his subsequent imprisonment, to his exile and life in the West, to his return to Russia in the 1990s. A portrait emerges of a courageous man devoted to the battle for truth in the context of the distinctive disorders of modern, post-Christian culture. Today we are experiencing a severe crisis of truth on both theoretical and practical levels.

Title: One Word of Truth
Subtitle: A Portrait of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Author: David Aikman
Format: Book
Year Published: 1997
Publisher: Trinity Forum
Access: Available to borrow in hard copy from the NSLF Library. Contact the librarian to arrange collection.

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