Seminar – Leadership in the Business World

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At our most recent ‘Open Conversations’ seminar, we had the privilege of speaking to Tim Pickles and Jonathan Stephen on leadership within the business world. Both successful businessmen in their own right, their wisdom and insight was invaluable. Here are 15 quotes from the night.

1. “Be excellent in whatever you have NOW.”

2. “Even if you have no idea where you are going, or what it is all leading to, do what you can with what you have. The task you have now could just be preparation and training for something else.”

3. “Learn to work well at your craft.”

4. “Do the best with what you have been given right now.”

5. “Start by being faithful with a little – whoever can be trusted with a little, can often be trusted with a lot – so don’t be afraid to start small.”

6. “Get help from your mates. It is crucial that you have a support network.”

7. “Being successful in business can be really lonely, have people outside of your business that you hold close and seek support from.”

8. “Have a positive attitude.”

9. “Get the most out of every day.”

10. “Working through the tough stuff – especially at the beginning, might not be fun, but it is formative.”

11. “Success doesn’t happen overnight.”

12. “Learn from mistakes.”

13. “Don’t worry about failure – it’s not a game if you are winning all the time.”

14. “Wealth gathers slowly – you don’t just wake up wealthy, it is something that builds.”

15. “Learn to deal with money, be generous with it.”

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