Shame: the case of Old David & Abishag the pretty virgin- Zalman Kastel

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This week I spent a day with a group of mostly Muslim high school students, and restorative justice leader Terry O’Connell. We heard about a 14 year old boy, “Garry” who knocked Terry down to the ground with a punch when Terry was a young police officer. Terry found out that the teenager was stuck […]

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Coming Apart- Charles Murray

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“I’ll be shocked if there’s another book that so compellingly describes the most important trends in American society.” David Brooks For any students of recent US politics or anyone desiring to understand the current division in American culture (and increasingly evident right here in Australia) Charles Murray’s latest work is both enlightening and insightful. Drawing […]

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Banker to the Poor- Muhammad Yunus

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Banker to the poor is Yunus’s own enthralling story: of how Bangladesh’s terrible 1974 famine underlined the need to enable its victims to grow more food; of overcoming scepticism in many governments and in traditional economic thinking; and of how micro-credit was extended into credit unions in the West. Title: Banker to the Poor Author: […]

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Welcome from the Hosts 2016 (Audio)

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The Hon Scott Morrison MP and the Hon Jason Clare MP, old friends from opposing political parties discuss how friendships can form and change your life – despite differences in opinions and values. Their cross party friendship shows how mate-ship and commitment to serving others can bring people together from many different walks of life.

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The biggest predictor of career success

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Whether it’s the creative value of diversity, the importance of relationships, or the significance of using our energies to give back to others- Rich Hirst takes a professional look at how these qualities, which are so foundational to our Forum message, can also be predictors for career success. According to multiple, peer-reviewed studies is being […]

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Words that Matter- Dr Steven Garber

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Our vocations grow out of our beliefs about the way things are, about what matters and what doesn’t matter; what we do with life is born out of our commitments about the meaning of life. In his article ‘Words that Matter’, Dr. Steven Garber discusses the place of words and language in shaping culture and […]

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In Someone Else’s Shoes by Joseph Assaf

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Joseph Assaf has been a long time supporter of the National Student Leadership Forum. As a speaker and small group facilitator with his wife Angela, Joseph has a wonderful way of relating to young people from diverse backgrounds, encouraging them to share their stories and lives and learn from one another as they do so. […]

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