On the Beach Boys… the Beatles… Bono and his band- Dr Steven Garber

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The Beach Boys… the Beatles… and Bono. For a few days this week I was close enough to the Pacific Ocean to bike along the beach. Watching the sunrise, the quiet of the morning, a travel mug with Earl Grey tea… and time to think. My mind went to the Beach Boys, whose life was […]

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The Vulnerability Hangover

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The Vulnerability Hangover by Jess Bellingham If you have ever had any involvement in the Forum, chances are you have also experienced what we interns like to call the ‘vulnerability hangover’. Unlike a regular hangover, the vulnerability hangover has nothing to do with mixing drinks, lack of hydration and flashbacks to dancing on the table. […]

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Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

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Called one of the “ten most influential books in America” by the Library of Congress, Man’s Search for Meaning is a book which must be grappled with if one wants to understand the nature of suffering and how to find meaning in the face of tragedy and brokenness. Frankl, with brutal honesty and almost transcendent […]

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The Ascent of a Leader – Thrall, McNicol, McElrath

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Are you the kind of leader that others want to follow? Climbing the corporate, political or organisational ladder is a driving passion for too many of us. But too often during our ascent, we compromise our character to reach a performance goal, forgetting that lasting, positive influence depends on the kind of person we become, […]

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Leadership & Self Deception – The Arbinger Institute

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In the book, Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box, the Arbinger Institute presents a case in an easy-to-read business fable about a new manager in a company and how his self-deception is a problem he must tackle to adapt to the company culture.Throughout this book, you learn that when we end the practice […]

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